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Comment: As another African American libertarian, I disagree

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As another African American libertarian, I disagree

The problem Rand faces is that he has to be all things to all people. He has to be libertarian, conservative, and moderate all at the same time. Had he gone full-out libertarian and just bashed the republican party, he would have been castigated as an outsider and lose his chance to gain the nomination should he seek it. Instead, he chose a different approach, to make the republican party not seem as bad as it really is. Being that people vote more on party than on individual, it's the best way to win cross-over vote. I can recount numerous people who would have voted for Ron in the primary but wouldn't do so because they hate the republican party so much. So the first step is to make people not hate the party. Rand handled this situation the best anyone could, gaining a little support from each side of the political spectrum. He answered the questions nicely without straying from his core beliefs, even with respect to the socialist lover's question. It's a tough job being in his situation, but he's handling the balancing act quite well.