Comment: Academically rigorous classes distract from indoctrination

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Academically rigorous classes distract from indoctrination

How can they do their community service if they're doing homework? How can they enthusiastically sing "yes we can with Obama" if they're fretting about an upcoming exam? The purpose of public school is to produce obedient subjects and competent workers, while decent education is for the rich who can afford to keep their kids out of the public schools.

Many/most Republicans are on board with dumbing down school so it can concentrate on indoctrination. Neo-con and liberal activists and politicians are finding common ground where they can agree to zero tolerance, statism, gun control, bashing and trashing the Constitution and hating individual liberty.

It's not the testing that's gone too far, it's the dumbing down which has gone too far. U.S. schools shouldn't be adopting "Common Core" and testing against other schools using Common Core, they should be testing and comparing themselves to students around the world. Common Core is an excuse to dramatically lower standards, such as in my state, Massachusetts.

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