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Comment: You must do what you feel you must do,

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You must do what you feel you must do,

and what ever it is, so long as it promotes Liberty, will be worthy of my support. I find your positive attitude / perspective inspiring. (Never mind your patience!) Thanks for that!

I've been a freeloader and have never given $$$ here, I regret to say (Although when possible I've squeaked out the odd $25 and $50 to C4L [and even $100 when I was really wound up about an issue!] over the last couple years. Used a credit card, though... I know that's horrible!).

Regular employment has eluded me for almost the past 3 years. Yeah, perhaps not the best excuse. However, I've stepped up the search for full-time employment recently. I had promised myself that when I get a full-on gig, I will do two things:

1. get health insurance again *gulp* or afford health care (3 yrs. without sucks, and I'm getting older... starting to fall apart a little! LOL! And better hurry up before the health system falls completely to sh*t.),
2. regularly contribute (actually properly *subscribe*) to THIS site! Support with $$$.

As others have said, this is the daily / morning news. Plus afternoon and evening, too!

All the best, Sir, whatever you decide to do, and I'll see you on the other side--or this one!

What would the Founders do?