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I dunno..

I think in more political terms and calculate it as such.

It was a big political risk for Rand and it is coming back to bite him.

Race is a debate white people are not allowed in. Even if you are the most sincere and honest, you will still be attacked. If I were one of his staff, I would have encouraged him not to do it.

Rand is getting to be very popular and this move is proving to be a liability. The left is drudging up his dad's newsletters and trying to paint Rand for the 'sins of the father'.

Rands supporters are now stuck in defensive mode. I hate it when this happens because once 'labeled' its very hard to shake the stigma. One leftie can take a 2 second clip (like Maddow) and spin it to fit their agenda.

Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

Politically it hurt him. The filibuster being stopped hurt him. Now that he is getting popular the Senate will not allow him any more limelight if they can help it. Passing that bill was purely political and aimed at shutting him up.

Just my .02c :)

Great piece. You are an outstanding writer.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul