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Everything? Wow...That's a lot.

I understand the BitCon scam just fine, and that's why endorse ByteTurd rather than BitCon.

ByteTurd is backed up by something of value. BitCoin represents NOTHING of value, nor does it produce anything of value. It is a pyramid scam promoted by a bunch of wannabe P.T. Barnum's who think people are suckers here to fuel their scam.

"I will continue to refer to you with the level of intellect you possess: that of a child."

You go right ahead and do that. It's a win/win situation for ByteTurd.

Only your brand of conman mouth can create a ByteTurd with value, so let it pour out. You can do better than that; child?

Just remember, the more disgusting you are and the more people who'll be willing to pay you to eat turds. You stuffing turds into your mouth is the value backing up ByteTurd.

Running your foul mouth is now all the P. T. Barnum showmanship you need to sell ByteTurd. I'm offering you the chance to stop selling a pyramid scam and to just live free. You can now live an honest life being who you are, and because of ByteTurd, you can now profit from it. So please, start making money hand over fist in ByteTurd.

You'll thank me for it.