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I agree with you here. I

I agree with you here. I think it better be very early on as there is no excuse for waiting. I can envision some instances where a woman did not know she was pregnant for a bit, but it typically wouldnt take long to find out. So I agree within the first month.
Being realistic, people are not going to abstain from sex, sorry, thats just not the way it works. Precautions can be taken but they are usually not 100%.
I think its wrong to force a child on someone who took precautions but had it happen anyway and simply doesnt want a child or cant really afford to have one because of whatever reasons.

I have to ask those completely against abortion just how many children they have adopted? We have alot of kids already that have problems finding homes and to say that someone has no recourse once they find out they are pregnant but to put the child up for adoption is a bit hypocritical if they arnt willing to step in and help out by adopting a child.
Yes, I do know that some of you probably have adopted children and I say you have the complete right to speak up. For the rest of you, shut your mouths unless you are going to get up and do something.(sorry if this seems a bit abrasive)

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