Comment: Unbelieveable?

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I don't see what's so unbelievable about this being the USA has very strict drug laws? This father of three knew he was breaking the law, so I don't see how this is "unbeleivable".

You can't even give unused drugs away.. you can't give asperin..

What if the person who received the drugs died from them.. bad reaction.. then what? Is that how he was busted? Someone he SOLD his old drugs to get sick, go to the hospital, told where he got the drugs that made him sick?

And why is being a FATHER so important in this kind of story where the adult prooves he's either really stupid, or the kind of criminal that stands behind kids as a shird to cover for his behavior?

I'm sorry for the kids and the Mom, grandparents and while I don't agree with the terms of justice.. 25 years is why I think someone got hurt and he has no money to pay for the damages.. so much for the kids, wife and his furture... he wasn't right, but that doesn't make the punishment right.. two wrongs are adding up to more wrongs.. for this I am sorry.. hope I can help change laws to be more just.