Comment: But really bradley maning should not even wan´t any nobel prize.

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But really bradley maning should not even wan´t any nobel prize.

I live in Sweden who is host country to the Nobel prize.

The Nobel prize is a joke and has been for a long time.

In particular to be fair, the peace price was lent out so to speak to be awarded by the Norwegians...what a mistake , lol...Not that I think it would be any different had it been awarded here, where Alfred Nobel grew Sweden..

I live close to one of his first factories, dynamite, man...

Just teach everyone the truth and everyone will despise the Nobel prize,,,as all the politicians and morons destroyed it all a long time ago.. After all they made dynamite, so it makes sense..

They blew up a whole town here before...the all caring company...
The peace price is a such a joke and and I don´t know anyone who don´t think they are a they are..
Some funny stuff here...brace yourself..

Al gore...
O bama

Peace price...

ha ha


even a blind man would see some trouble in that..

Sometimes you think these elite are so smart, but sometimes you have to just stop and wonder at their complete stupidity. LOL

Morons at work.. ha ha lol

The Nobel is an arms manufacturer, dynamite maker, it has never been a peace thing...they once blew up a whole town here...good to know...