Comment: Those who blindly defend Labor or

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Those who blindly defend Labor or

specific industry should start reading Ludwig von Mises ASAP in order to educate themselves in economics. It is embarrassing. Emotions and "common sense" wont cut it. Those who blindly support labor will support government spending and subsidies, tariffs, destroying new machines, banning robotic machines, banning selling used products, etc. Their socialist trade union "logic" is the same as of those idiots who was whining against Rockefeller in 19th century for flooding USA with oil thus killing jobs for thousands of whalers (who used to kill whales for blabber and burning oil.)

If China subsidies their cotton, it means wealth from Chinese taxpayers is moving from China to US consumers of cotton products. China is depleating its capital while American people are getting richer. In addition, US dollars paid for cheaper Chinese cotton will buy more US exports thus generating more jobs in other US industries.

Milton Friedman on free trade: