Comment: The policy of student loans is a total failure. A trillion dolla

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The policy of student loans is a total failure. A trillion dolla

rs of debt and it is going to be dumped on the taxpayer. What have they gotten a poorer education and costs that have skyrocketed because of inflation and they dont have jobs. There is nothing more dramatically failing then that program. We should get rid of the loans programs we should get rid of the department of education and give tax credits if you have to to help people but the inflation is the big problem 3 times the rate the government admits the inflation is and that is natural and normal. When the goverment inflates the currency it goes into the areas the goverment is involved in. Housing the prices go up, stock market high ranking prices, medical care skyrocketing, education skyrocketing. The way you pay for cell phones and computers is the way you pay for education if the government is not involved. You have the marketplace there, there is competition quality goes up the price goes down. Can you imagine if the department of homeland security was in charge of finding one company or one person to make the cellphones. It would have been a total disaster. So when the goverment gets involved in the delivery of any service whether it is education, medical care, or housing they cause higher prices, lower quality create bubbles, and give it to their friends and that is why we are in this mess we are in. That is why we have to wise up, and look at where these bubbles come from. It is from the federal reserve. We should start by auditing the fed and then we should end the fed.