Comment: "I" am not judging you. The

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"I" am not judging you. The

"I" am not judging you. The "law" is judging you. Are you reading anything im posting? The perameters for what constitutes murder are not subject to opinion. Nor are the parameters of natural law. I never once called you a murderer, I gave you the questions that would lead you to discover the truth for yourself.

As for what "I" have done. Im the district leader for the Paul campaign im my area. I was a delegate, and personally called and organized our movement in my area. We have taken over the GOP here, replaced 2 out of 3 of the council votes with our guys and taken the majority of PCO positions.

I couldn't have done any of this if I was over in the middle east shooting people who are trying to defend their homeland against invaders.

Yes ive donated $.

No I dont live in my parents house, I am a parent.

You need to stop with the butthurt about not getting soldier worship here. No free nation engages in blind worship of anyone, esspecially soldiers fighting for empire. Im sure you're a decent guy, I hope you're an ally in the cause of liberty, but those of us telling you the truth about military service in this day and age... esspecially given whom you are working for do not deserve to be called names and accused of being any less patriotic or of having done less for liberty just because we didn't join the imperial army.

I can guarantee you ive done a shit ton more for the cause of liberty here at home, active in my local party politics than any soldier accomplished the entire time they were in the middle east fighting for the bank. The enemies of liberty are here, not there. Thats not to say that you haven't or wont outdistance me now that your back here where the real fight for liberty is. I hope you do.