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because the state is evil?

"Then why did you continuously return to the argument of "but the State is evil!""

Because it is, and this is an independent argument against IP. Aimed mostly at the anarchist pro-IP people.

"Do I have to go back and count how many times you did this? This is a total straw man. You should refrain from using this argument if it is "not the issue", which I agree it isn't."

It is one of many arguments against your flawed position. I cant help if it there are eleventy ways you are wrong.

"Stephan you should be thrilled, the continuance of this "unprincipled" debate should be welcomed by you. I will be giving your published works a thorough read in order to help form my views. Isn't that what you want?"

I want IP to be abolished.

"It is absurd to say "the debate is over", especially when so many people are newly learning about libertarianism."

The debate is not over but the case is won.

"And if Wenzel is full of crap,"

No "if" about it. Have you heard him?

" you should be confident that your views will continue to win out."

That doesn't follow at all. Sometimes evil views win out. Ask Jews about to be killed in the concentration camp. Ask guys rotting in jail now for drug or tax crimes. As blacks during slavery.

" But blanket calling those that even attempt to participate in the debate as "unprincipled" while screaming about the State isn't going to win people over."

This is a tactical point. How does this prove IP is justified?

"It is easier to commit murder than to justify it." –Papinian