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Hoppe is an

anarcho-statist (, and a crank to boot.

Who is for "forced integration?" I am suggesting freedom of association and property rights.

Christ, in my opinion, would not support neocons on most issues, and neither do I. I support liberty and peace. I am consistent on these issues. It seems to me, that it is the neocons such as O'reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity and Michael Savage who are screaming the loudest about the dangers coming from the "brown hordes" streaming across our borders. Non-intervention in foreign affairs goes hand in hand with open borders, both are consistent with limited government, the free market, property rights, and goodwill and compassion.

I am a bit wary when any person suggests the solution to a problem created by government is more government, as you suggest. Any time someone asks me to give up a little more of my liberty, in order to achieve a "greater good" (such as white ethnic purity, for instance), alarm bells go off like crazy in my head. We won't be fooled again! Liberty!