Comment: There are people who are not

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There are people who are not

die-hard Ron Paul supporters looking into this curriculum. Not everyone has the time to vet every word for every curriculum they are screening so vetting the instructor is a reasonable start. They are going to google "Gary North" and if these are the views that are ascribed to him, they are going to move on to considering a different curriculum.

If the answer is that Gary North holds beliefs they aren't going to want to take a chance seeming like they are endorsing to their children, that is fair. They should move on because no one should be expected to vet the message, too, when vetting him didn't pan out and they are only at the screening stage of considering half a dozen curricula. If the answer is that his beliefs have been taken out of context, then we should look into making a case to refute the claims made about his beliefs so these parents can make their decision based on more information.

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