Comment: Why do we need standard coinage?

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Why do we need standard coinage?

What if you act as your own bank and make your own coins or buy them from someone who will. You keep them as your reserves. When you want to make a purchase you go to an assayer in your neighborhood who holds the value of purchase in trust, then the seller goes to an assayer in his neighborhood and collects just the purchase amount agreed on. The assayer tests the coinage. So you're literally paying a certain mass of metal or a certain weight and purity. Then once a week or so the assayers settle up. Each assayer just has to carry a certain amount of buffer they feel comfortable with to facilitate the sales. The assayers check the physical currency coming in, take a fee for providing their service, and weed out bad assayers and bad buyers/sellers. This way the bulk of the physical assets are kept by the people, it's diffuse and hard to shut down, and it means anybody can bring value to the system without the possibility of misrepresenting the value of the coinage. It's pretty much a post office system with a bookie buffering the cash flow to make it efficient. Everybody assumes their own risk and each person is physically accountable for their part. The best part is, the person or group that makes the best and purest coins will end up dominating the coinage in circulation because that's what people will want to use.