Comment: You can't own an idea

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You can't own an idea

Period. No discussion.
As a video game developer, I hear from people all the time, "Oh, I have a great idea for a video game!" Really? you and like thousands of other people! No idea is new under the sun. Ideas, or information, are infinitely reproducible. A thousand monkeys typing on a thousand typewriters will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Think you credit card is unique? Bah, i could guess that number given a sufficiently fast CPU and some time.

As humans we have this inherent bias. We come up with an idea in our heads, and we think it's unique to us. We think we 'own' it. 15 years before netflix existed, I envisioned a website where I could watch any TV show that had aired in the past. Does that mean netflix owes me money for 'stealing' my idea? NO!

This bias is the root of all 'Intellectual Property' Laws. I for one will never stop developing disruptive technology until such unjust, monopolistic laws are wiped from the record of human history.

Rights are not "given" they are fundamental constants of the universe which prevent large populations of humans from being controlled by a small group of people. -