Comment: Greta VanSusteren slammed Rubio last night in a

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Greta VanSusteren slammed Rubio last night in a

segment with an ICE agent. National ICE Council President Chris Crane complained that they are on the front lines when it comes to illegal immigration and have not been consulted regarding new legislation. He then said that he got word from Rubio that he wants to talk to him over the weekend but that wouldn't allow them enough time to read the 1,500 page bill so what good is that? Greta then said something like, well you know why he called you right? It's because he's doing a media blitz on the Sunday morning shows and just wants to be able to say that he's spoken with you.

I almost fell out of bed. Wish I could find the video - wasn't on her website, here's the article they have posted.

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