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Yes, the State is evil

"Because it is, and this is an independent argument against IP. Aimed mostly at the anarchist pro-IP people."

And that is besides the point. As you said this is a debate between anarchists, but none of the pro-IP anarchist arguments I've read call for a State monopoly on IP, they simply believe IP is a legitimate creation that could emerge in the market place. This may be an incorrect assertion, and I look forward to reading your arguments against it further, but bringing up the State is a strawman argument. This is NOT about the State.

"It is one of many arguments against your flawed position. I cant help if it there are eleventy ways you are wrong."

What flawed position? I even stated in my article I am have not arrived at a position, pro-IP or otherwise. As your position has been fleshed out fully in many venues, I attempt to highlight some of the contrasts with Wenzel's position.

"I want IP to be abolished."

Great, then don't call anyone who disagrees with you stupid and ignorant. That is how you will win even more people over. I have genuine curiosity on this issue. Why am I going to listen to someone who speaks like that?

"That doesn't follow at all. Sometimes evil views win out. Ask Jews about to be killed in the concentration camp. Ask guys rotting in jail now for drug or tax crimes. As blacks during slavery."

Of course evil views win out ,that's why we have a State! Here we go with the straw men...war on drugs, taxes. How did slavery end? Many will just say "the Civil War", but the reality is that PUBLIC OPINION over slavery changed over time, largely thanks to the work of thoughtful abolitionists like Lysander Spooner and William Lloyd Garrison. As you said however...

"This is a tactical point. How does this prove IP is justified?"

It doesn't, and as I stated I have not yet been won over by the Pro-IP position, but I do think the discussion is important. Clearly you have made up your mind, but it's equally clear others, especially many just learning about libertarianism for the first time, have not.
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