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Government monopolized the

Government monopolized the news agency. They censored the important news of Sandy Hook shootings. Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days. It helps to fume suspicion of people. Why did they release so much inconsistent information on Sandy Hook shooting?

Do you know why they released the following news (MANY 9-11 "HIJACKERS" ARE STILL ALIVE)? Because there are many people work for government as informants. They are afraid of becoming sacrifices when they were told to carry out a mission. So the late news (hijackers still alive) released to comfort them. Now we saw so many disinformation released later after Sandy Hook shooting. It hints "we didn't kill that many children". That's the trick how the government fool you the people.


The world's media has reported that many of the so-called hijackers "fingered" by the FBI are still alive. For example the BBC (British Broadcasting Cooperation) carried this report:

Hijack "suspects" alive and well.

The following article is a remake of which lists many of the media articles dealing with the hijackers who were not hijackers.