Comment: Morgan Reynolds worked for the Bush administration

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Morgan Reynolds worked for the Bush administration

Reynolds, in 2006, came forward saying “9/11 = Inside Job” and shortly thereafter “no planes at the WTC; the planes were 'holograms,'” etc.

Of course, with no evidence.

Caution being exercised is always a wise position to take when a government insider starts promoting or “exposing” conspiracy or alleged conspiracy.

For the record, I don't believe in a 'chemtrail' conspiracy, because there isn't any real evidence to support the claims. It's simpler than simple - the 'chemtrails' are contrails.

Honestly, the most laughable flaw of the 'chemtrail conspiracy':

“The U.S. government and military are conducting a top secret 'chemtrail' project - during daylight hours.”


If there were a top secret 'chemtrail' project, it would be conducted DURING NIGHT TIME hours WHEN YOU WOULDN'T SEE IT.

The U.S. is the busiest airspace in the world, it's hardly surprising that commercial and military aircraft emitting contrails are regularly visible flying above.


A blog entry and comment of mine from 2006, at 911Blogger:

I wrote at 911Blogger at least a few times in June 2006 that Morgan Reynolds is an agent of disinformation and destruction, months before he started proudly promoting, supporting and propagating "no planes at the WTC" or "no commercial airliners at the WTC". When I wrote that, months prior to him outting himself, nobody at 911Blogger wanted to believe me. And now, after late-August, the general concensus is that Reynolds is a fraud and/or agent of some sort. Even though I was already strongly suspicious of Reynolds before June 2006 -- since he came from the Bush administration, and early on in his "9/11 truth" articles, he was pushing "hologram missiles at the WTC" bull s h i t -- it was in June, I believe, when Kevin Barrett had Reynolds come to the University of Wisconsin to give a "9/11 truth presentation", that I concluded absolutely that Reynolds is an agent. I even wrote that in June at 911Blogger (paraphrasing) "anyone who watches that video and doesn't see that Reynolds is an agent of disinformation and destruction, didn't actually watch that video" and about how my favorite part was when a couple students stood up and left when Reynolds started blabbing about "no plane at the Pentagon, it was a cruise missile", because they stood up, and quickly walked past him like "F u c k this bull s h i t liar" without even nodding at him or uttering any words of "we need to get to class" or "good presentation but we need to go". They just stood up, quickly walked down the aisle past him, without even barely looking at him, and then quickly walked out the right side exit by the side of the stage like they couldn't stand another word coming from his lying mouth. But as I wrote, nobody at 911Blogger wanted to believe me. But I was shown to be completely correct about him. I say that without trying to sound egotistical or some nonsense. I'm just proud that I correctly spotted a fraud, openly labelled him as such months prior to that becoming the general concensus.