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Yes, I am selective in my reading

My reading list became too big..

As for Kinsella.. I only read what you were responding to, after all, I already admitted I only went to the thread to see what you had written, attracted by the headline.. and when I read both, I thought Kinsella made a good point, and his attitude was self defense.

Anyways, I don't read Kinsella's posts as much as I read yours, and I read yours because I enjoy them.. and why I found it rather odd that YOU would be upset, as it's not like you.. passionate, but not to a fault.. and this was hitting the fault line in my book.. so yeah.. I was being selective in my reading, and I think as wide as Kinsella's agrument goes, it makes sense.

Maybe the idea.. if IP was worth more than gold.. how free would you want yours? I don't know much about this.. my first thought was Ron Paul and the issue.. which I have no idea what's going on with that.. but only it seems Ron Paul thinks owning what is his (his name) even if it's shared by many (owners of the www with his name or other Ronald Paul's.