Comment: This actually happened two days ago

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This actually happened two days ago

This actually happened two days ago and was predicted by monitoring a deforming slope they noticed, and followed also by seismographs:

I'm glad nobody got injured. Fortunately, science and technology helped to warn them guys this was coming to them. So, they prepared and rerouted a lot of stuff days before (cf. above link). Seems like the mine tries to resume its main operations ASAP (if only to keep the people with jobs).

What I find pretty interesting, though:

when you Google (or use other search engines) and get search results from the many news aggregators (e.g., Yahoo news)... the mine is VASTLY reported - with selective memory? - as being a "copper mine" first and foremost... sometimes with no other mentions whatsoever of the other metals it extracts.

Just check by and for yourself, of course.

Would there be some folks concerned with not scaring the public? Meh. "Just asking."

And yet, "anywayz"...

It's indeed confirmed to be in the ballpark of 4 millions ounces of silver yearly this mine usually produces, indeed circa 10% of US yearly production.


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