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a tax that rakes in MILLIONS of DOLLARS on a monthly basis

I believe, currently, British Columbia is the only province in Canada that has to pay 15% Carbon Tax on gas utility bills - because of global warming. We have been paying this Carbon Tax for many years.

We also pay an annual fee to have our cars tested - Air Care. In cases of newer cars, (15 yrs or newer) they are not even tested. The government just collects the money and hands out a piece of paper. No one can drive a car without Air Care validation.

Air Care program started over 20 years ago and is not needed anymore, however because it's such a cash cow for the government.... they won't terminate the program. It's extortion.

Our local elections are coming up. Last week, I went to a candidates' meeting with special focus on Global Warming/Climate Change. We asked about "chemtrails". Most of the candidates were either clueless or claimed that chemtrails were not a problem. The candidate for the Green Party said, "We Don't Talk About That" several times over.

The biggest news was that Big Industries are and have been exempt from the Carbon Tax. Get it?

They imposed a tax that rakes in MILLIONS of DOLLARS on a monthly basis, based on the assumption that the climate is changing due to human activity. However, big industry is exempt from this global warming taxation.

Our provincial gas company was sold to a consortium based in Texas. So most likely, the Carbon Tax revenues do not stay in the province. I wouldn't be surprised, if the revenues go towards paying for the chemicals needed for chemtrail spraying and of course to pay off all the airlines who ARE taking part in these geo-engineering operations.

If you don't want to look into 'Chemtrails' because of health concerns, you may want to look into it because of the extortion that follows in its wake.