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You are a rare breed. Because in 2007 while I was head of a meetup group, truthers scared the living shit out of the blue hairs that showed up at our meetings. We had to kick a few out for being so disruptive.

I also witnessed attacks on anyone that questioned them.. and also saw that movement destroy any chance Ron had in 07. While I question the 9/11 attacks, Im also respectful enough to tone down my language and not offend people. Truthers do not represent me.

I posted ONE thread that was the final straw on my back. I have contributed to the DailyPaul with nothing but my sincerest beliefs since I became a member. I left RonPaulForums because of the conspiracy/truthers.

Not to be dick.. but I did start this thread there:

I spent thousands of dollars and hours to support Ron in 07. I showed the truther movement plenty of patience and tolerance. When a spokesman for our movement cannot control himself on national television it really pisses me off because now I have to defend his behavior instead of saying 'Yea, you saw it too? Pretty good argument for the defense of Liberty huh?' People are either assets or liabilities and AJ proved it in spades.

In other words.. What good did AJ do for us in his behavior? Larry Pratt knows how to control himself and continually destroys media fools. Why the fck cant AJ wake the fck up and do it too???

If we want to win we sure as hell better understand our message. We better have representatives that can eloquently share our views. The last thing we need is a liability that gives ammo to our opposition while we are still a minority.

I apologize for pissing the DP off. Sincerely.

Much like Rand at Howard U.. at least I was honest.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul