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I can't go into too much details here

I can't go into too much details here, but if you PM me, I can share what dear wife and I went through. Just don't expect a response tonight though... But if only for the USCIS references, sure, I don't mind to share.

I remember these forms... and more. I didn't get any waiver, at any point.

First, I had to find my first job on the east coast even before putting foot first time. I was on a work visa, although not an H1B type, a more restricted one because the company's HQ were based in Europe, it was limited to 6 months then extended to a year.

As for the fees... Deal with first employer was they'd help us for at least half of it. But otherwise, well, there were also medical exams, at my own expenses at the medical offices. It may have cost me more than $1,000 actually, you're right.

The total paperwork was already pretty heavy even before getting to my GC (as head of my family, etc). Several pounds of it.

This required organization and thorough homework. People would tell us in the beginning we'd need a lawyer office to help us, we ended up doing everything by ourselves. First employer helped a bit only.


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