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First of all, Last of all

I appreciate the fact the the OP wants to control the conversation. Sounds like its coming from a playbook.

First of all:

Immigration is the trick word and the illegal alien invasion the trick play.

Further, its not immigration, its an illegal alien invasion, propagated by those who would and are destroying the constitution of which you are here claiming that you support; being unknowing, hypocritical, willfully ignorant. Regardless, call the *invasion whatever you want to "pretty it up", pass the sugar. And, you as with the political parties, politicians, are also profiting in some way by the "invasion", emotional and\or monetary.

It, this illegal alien invasion is politically correct in that it was supported by Bush and now Obama, was and is supported by McCain, Graham, Lieberman and the now deceased Kennedy, all known to be great lovers of freedom and have shown the utmost respect for the Constitution? YEAH RIGHT! All "Patriot Act" signers. But they can be trusted? Gun control?

Last of all:

So, what is it like being fully preconditioned to living in the North American Union and the New world Order where there is no constitution only where people who think that it still exist and people who are using it as a reverse playbook, doing everything in their power to systematically undermine what you are claiming here of supporting. But, you may be one of those that don't believe that these things exists?

Maybe one day, these people in office will actually come out and say, "There is no Constitution, what are you talking about? "What, that old piece of paper, its been gone, a long time now". Making a decree, "The Constitution no longer exists". Cry it to the highest mountain, "The King rules", "long live the King".

If you are playing the "town crier" for the illegal alien population why can't you be a crier for, "why aren't conditions in their home country better"? The reason being, that that is also politically correct in so that these people will come here in the first place.

NAFTA, CAFTA? And who knows what else.

*invasion: because it has been shown that they have no respect for the country, the people, only respect for their agenda, being taken advantage of and being preyed upon by the politically correct gang. No assimilation, hence: dividing.