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You're correct in that "we all need a circus".. we all need events to make us feel like we're "not alone", and it's exciting in that the back of your mind, you KNOW, you can be hurt.. but this really means something.. so you go through the trouble.. people watch and see some interesting stuff, or meet some new people.. or if you were like me, you had other agenda's being cannabis, nuclear bomb testing, depleted uranium, land mine, Nader's ballot access, petitions and flyers to share... And I guess that means I can admit, I'm burned out.. and for decades I have not been happy with many event organizations, A.N.S.W.E.R. got to me.. it's like OWS.. there is no leader.. there are robot staffers who do what they are told, have little to say, hard to get information from.. no one knows who knows.. (I ask permiossion to petititon or post, beats being asked by police to leave.. So it's not a waste.. and I will say this.. I thought P.A.U.L. fest was well organized, it's problem was it's name and when.... maybe it was a GOP set up (like the LP) so the convention would not be mobbed?

Want to actually get something changed.. you need to get a resolution writtten and passed.. or an inniative. So it may feel good to protest, but all it really takes is a resolution or inniative and then passed.. and one more thing

While I'm done with protests.. I LOVE rally's.. rally's FOR GMO Free coiunties would be more my style of event and entertainment. I love the colors and smiles and bright energy by comparison to the dark and dangerous protest.

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