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Thanks for the truth

It is an invasion and not spontaneous. It is an organized invasion designed to give mexicans or "latinos" as they like to be called, a majority in certain states so that they can reclaim land they think belongs to them. With the help of liberals they not only ruin the job market but they suck taxpayer money and services that just serve to drive up taxes.

I remember when I first moved to Houston and it seems that everyone was in housing and construction making good money at it. Then slowly but steadily all the construction jobs started going to mexicans at substantially lower wages. Then all the illegal immigration "invasion" proponents started saying that "It's a good thing they are hear because they do jobs that "Americans" don't want to do." See how ass backwards their argument is?

Were they helping the economy? Some say that the lower wages helped to keep prices down but the fact is that the freebies they sought and the fact that they would live 5 families to a house and send most of their money back to Mexico negated any lower cost advantage that illegals offered. Not to mention the law suits they generated to work our "justice" system.

So now all the invasion proponents say that "They are just people trying to make a living." Well so is a thief but we don't condone theft. How can anyone rant about unfair taxation and then support illegal immigration?

But if we really got down to the crux of the problem it is that we live in a socialist nation that has no fixed laws or identity. There is no "American way" and there is no "American dream" we live in an experiment that is failing before our eyes.

One good way to stop illegal immigration is to cut all aid and freebies they enjoy at taxpayers expense. Not only illegals but for everyone.