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Re Monsanto, guess I had a different vision (((Granger)))

I hadn't pictured some "dark and dangerous" protest. Though I do hope the march will spread awareness of a common cause against Monsanto's dangerous and monopolistic agricultural practices regarding health and the impact on the environment; its power within our universities (funding research); its insidious presence within our government (re Congress via campaign contributions and lobbying, via perks to legislators when out of office, via appointments at federal regulatory agencies, via representation on even the Supreme Court); and its heavy-handed tactics in the form of litigation against local governments, businesses, and persons. But...

I hope the goal would also be to highlight the common cause of what we are for. This surely includes a goal to have "GMO-Free counties," but getting a resolution passed is not all it takes. As mentioned, some *states* have already *prohibited* local growing ordinances. (There's also not a chance in hell such legislation would pass in areas where it would count the most, i.e., where Monsanto's interest is most heavily vested.) And the issue is not just about local growing bans. Grown elsewhere, the food shipped in that's on grocery shelves and in produce aisles contains GMO's and, related, are heavily laden with pesticides - as also meat products where animals were fed GMO's. It's about educating the public. And it's about the need to get responsible LABELING so consumers are able to make INFORMED CHOICES. Monsanto & Dupont have been able to prevent such initiatives, such as in California.

Thank you (((Granger))) for all the apparent *protesting* on behalf of yourself and others that you've done over the years! Thank you also for your local efforts re GMO's and also the political landscape in your area that serves as a model for others.

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