Comment: The foreign aid

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The foreign aid

to other countries is the transfer of our money to countries to buy influence for the rich to get their toe-hold in the fiances of those countries. Graham, McCain, Bush, Obama, and the rest. Are tools of the wealthiest to further their control of the worlds resources.
These guys are slime-balls.
The media is owned by they same people that run these puppets to do their bidding. The sheep. Watch,listen and are indoctrinated everyday.
It's like being subliminally hypnotized. The youth of this country as a whole don't watch the the evening news. This is why there has been a flourished move to libertarian ideals. As it is common sense.
The powers that hide behind Graham, McCain, Bush, Obama, love these puppets. Only way to get them out of power is to get a hold of a major news feed. That would be a major task.
Graham would be my number two target to get voted out of office after McCain.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"