Comment: God is Just

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God is Just

I have no interest in being injust or serving injustice. Why do you think that? I am talking about people spewing love instead of spewing hate. There is a time and a place for law and consequences of actions. That is not the topic I am speaking on with my post.

Should I get my whip out and go over to my neighbor's house and "take care of business?" No, not in my mind. That is not my job to do. It is my job to help my neighbor so that he doesn't have to wallow in his business. However, if he gets himself into trouble with his business he will pay for it himself. I wont be taking a whip over there though.

Are you the same person that says Ron Paul is an anarchist and a communist? Or was that another ID I was talking to?

If it was you, it seems like you think I should act like an anarchist and get a whip and take care of matters personally outside of law and order. I can't understand what you are getting at.