Comment: Ecard, Do you support President Obama's immigration reform plan?

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Ecard, Do you support President Obama's immigration reform plan?

I have twice previously asked Ecard if he supports the proposed 1000-1500 page immigration reform bill that is the immigration issue of the week. He refuses to answer and instead of answering yes or no he keeps asking us to answer his sophomoric questions which might as well be designed to out sovereigns, and repeatedly expresses his concerns for how people are treated in foreign countries instead of how their invasion into the US will affect US workers, taxpayers, and sustainability. How people in foreign countries are treated or if they would rather live in the US are questionable determinants of US immigration policy.

The LA Times claims that in addition to the 11M illegal aliens who would be normalized, the proposed immigration 'reforms' would allow in another 4M children, spouses, and parents of illegal aliens and another 800,000 mail order brides over the next 10 years. The article did not mention that there has been a recent spike in illegal aliens trying to take advantage of Obama's (and Ecard's?) amnesty bill.

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