Comment: olafub, are you deaf, dumb, or BOTH?

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olafub, are you deaf, dumb, or BOTH?

I've ALREADY replied to you regarding your question here:

and here:

My, what short memory and attention spans we have!?! Or is that you just being you? Oh that's right! For a second there, I forgot who I was talking to.


You CHOSE not to be civil. Instead you CHOSE to attack, insult, and, resort to name calling. Don't expect me to be courteous in return, or are you that daft? Never mind, I know the answer to that last question. RESPECT is a TWO_WAY street - SORRY you can't comprehend that. I realize that's a hard concept to grasp coming from someone like you.

But I'll throw you a bone since you keep pushing the issue. I DID in fact respond to that question from another user here. The DIFFERENCE was that although we may disagree on our views, he/she asked the question CIVILLY, WITHOUT THE NEED FOR INSULTS. If it's really that important to you for your agenda, you'll find the answer within these 13 pages - by all means have fun looking for it!

And please, do keep talking, your words are enlightening!