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You don't understand?

I say that you do, and that you're bordering on exposing yourself as a dishonest person.

If there's no objective basis for truth, there is no objective basis for people to judge the difference between good and evil.

Are you able of judging anything as good or evil? Are you capable of judging when somebodies liberty is being taken by force? Is that an evil thing? (Thou shalt not covet) Yes.

You wouldn't be here if you couldn't. Defending liberty is the only justice mankind is capable of.

A nihilist is incapable of rendering judgement upon good and evil, because in their mind, there's no objective basis for truth. Should I shower injustice with love? Yes. Was Jesus using a whip to convey his love? Yes.

Jesus was not a Nihilist. He was the opposite of a nihilist. He was the truth walking and talking. The problem is there's no winning with just a whip, a sword, or with love. I can love a butcher and slaver, but they have free will, and they've chosen to live a covetous life.

I can either reject nihilism and serve justice by imposing a negation upon injustice or turn a blind eye to it. I WILL NOT turn a blind eye to it or let people turn Jesus into a nihilist. As you can tell, there are many people who want to do exactly that, because they want to turn a blind eye to evil.

Why is that?