Comment: Why no front page action for this?

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Why no front page action for this?

Are we too busy trying to pump up a BitCon ponzi scheme and sell poker chips as money?

It's sad, because BitCoin would be great if it represented something of value. It would be great if people were willing to absorb the cost of maintaining a legitimate storehouse of value voluntarily through use. Funding a reserve in BitCoin could be accomplished by a voluntary tax on each transaction.

Yet... People always want something for nothing, and that's really the driving force behind BitCoin; a scam. People want to profit off it rather than create a sound currency.

A true system of digital currency would be outlawed though, unlike BitCoin. (BTW even FauxNews* is now pushing the BitCon scam.)

I think it's a great idea gizzy. It could be the 21st century equivalent of a no loan Depository backed up by Gold and utilized through a sound digital currency. Now THAT I could support.