Comment: I am an atheist...

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I am an atheist...

And I am excited about the Ron Paul curriculum. A couple of my thoughts on this topic.

1. I work in public schools, there is not much good going on there. So any CRITICISM of a NEW SYSTEM must be taken in comparison to a FAILED SYSTEM!

2. If there were some religious bits in the curriculum... I doubt we will find any direct religion in the curriculum. But if there is, it will probably be a good source of discussion with your child, and a good opportunity to study what is out there.

3. If we do find there are any religious parts, we can skip or exclude those parts. There is no FORCING THE PARENT to use all of the curriculum.

4. If there is NO RELIGION in the curriculum... and you are a Christian parent, how hard will it be to supplement some religious lessons INTO the curriculum?

This is the free market, meaning you can choose. If you do use the curriculum, you will not be FORCED to use any one part of it, or RESTRICTED from adding whatever content you want!

I am excited to see people BREAK AWAY FROM THE BRAINWASHING!