Comment: Excellent report! FOOD prices will necessarily skyrocket.

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Excellent report! FOOD prices will necessarily skyrocket.

As the commercial beekeeper Jim Doan noted at the conference (the beekeeper who lost ALL his hives this past year, which he had to start over, this ONE beekeeper whose bees pollinate 10% of ALL of New York's apples): what's happening re the almond industry in California, is happening with the blueberry industry in Maine, IS HAPPENING ALL OVER.

That was UNBELIEVABLE that, at the "Pollinator 2013 Summit" conference hosted by THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs, (attended by beekeepers from all over)- it was PESTICIDE MANUFACTURERS who gave most of the presentations and did most of the moderating of discussion: BAYER, SYNGENTA, DUPONT, MONSANTO... What the heck?!#$%^&*()

EVERYONE, EVEN within the government agencies, believes that among the contributing factors to MASSIVE BEES DEATHS at least SOME of it is related to pesticides. And yet when the Dupont guy was asked if there were any specific actions or tests being done on the potential impact to honeybees and other pollinators, the answer was: NO. Most of what was talked about was advances in corn production to reduce dust.

But I do think Dan Rather underestimated the EFFECT of losing bees. He said a third of all food crops require animal pollination. That seems to be the latest estimate, but that's GLOBALLY. That's the food that feeds the world; not all of the world's population eat a VARIED DIET. While it's true that the major staples of wheat, corn, and rice (that is, starches) do NOT require animal pollination, that category of food does NOT supply the VITAMINS and MINERALS we need for health derived from FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and NUTS, which mostly do require pollination.

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