Comment: Jan's interviews are very revealing.

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Jan's interviews are very revealing.

In many cases,when the person being interviewed is caught in their own contradiction,you can see that person's spirit of pride flaring up because it is in all of us in varying degrees..I believe that the "spirit" or "feeling" of pride is the root cause of most of the horrors that take place in this world.I believe that it is pride that really is the cause of greed,lust for power,hatred,jealousy,fear and the general reluctance of people to admit they are wrong about anything.Once I became aware of my own pride,it made it so much easier to understand why I,as well as others,do,say,think and feel the things we do.I made a philosophical video about how pride conflicts with our conscience and prevents us from accepting truth and forgiving others.It is paired with an instumental song I wrote and performed.I think some of you might appreciate this video.Link is at the bottom of this post.