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Comment: I agree with the president!

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I agree with the president!

That is, when he was a senator. We should know what we're eating. I DON'T think companies should have to provide all they now do on a label. For one, it prevents small companies from being able to compete. They go through all the red tape of getting things analyzed. But the one thing I think DOES belong on a label is its ingredients - with an indication of what is genetically-engineered and what is not, as they are *not* the same ingredients.

I think it's true that some people wouldn't care. Others would. It shouldn't cost a lot. It's not that it takes an analysis to figure out. It's something the SUPPLIERS of the raw food stuffs know. The information would just need to be passed down the line to those who eventually market the product to the consumer. Labels are continuously being printed and revised.

I disagree with you, but here as elsewhere (((Granger))), I'm always interested to hear your opinion.

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