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Same Here

The propaganda is so obvious once a person's eyes are opened to it. It embodies evil for sure. Hard to watch with open eyes.

In that batman movie the bad guy interrupts a young boy singing the national anthem at a game of the all American sport of football. Evil movie villain takes the mic and says "We are your Liberators, we want to return power of the city to the people" then lets off a nuke. It's like hold up! Liberty and power of the people is what America is! How twisted and distorted that type of subliminal messaging is. The average big pharm drugged up person, with a dumbed down public education register's "Liberty and power to the people" and associates it with evil bad guy who wants to nuke everyone. Clever, but that sort of thing has to come from some very sick bassturds. Treasonous to say the least.

Same with the latest Marvel superhero one, with loki threatening tyranny and in comes Captain America! Can they lay it on any thicker? Argo was the last one I attempted to watch. Oh how Hollywood twists the plot. Do not think it is by coincidence, the same entity doing this to the Hollywood movies also controls popular mechanics, time magazine, ABC, CBS, etc...any source of information which is viewed by the masses, they can just print money to buy it up and work their diabolical magic.

Take a look on youtube at what Disney has been up to all these years. The men behind this should be removed from society, certainly they should not be pulling the strings on politics, military, industry, schooling, agriculture, science.. etc. .

As for me, I will not even watch the most benign of TV shows, because the whole system needs to be removed and I will not support it in anyway.