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Good questions

I don't know if we have universally accepted sources of information regarding long range weather patterns.
Academics sell outs confound the situation
and multi-nationals bank-roll the CONfounding.
Maybe you want to look in to the work of John Anthony regarding the dating of the sphinx. It would seem the sphinx has weathered a very long period of regular rainfall. In the near past, circa 9000 BC, northern Africa was subject to very moist and wet weather. So yeah, climate changes.....

...but how does taxing the ordinary person help the climate? Am I the only one who hates taxes?

Okay, so who cares that they're sprayig lethal chemicals, can we at least get upset that they tax us at the same time?!!!!

Anyway, you said, 'the sun's fault", I probably wouldn't phrase it in those terms...however, it goes without saying, solar patterns are going to impact all orbs within the solar system, to various degrees.