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You owe Bear and a lot of other people an apology. I won't demand you apologize to me, as I have a pretty thick skin, and can generally "take" what others dish out. But my impression of Bear is that she is quite a sensitive woman, and I don't doubt you might bring her to tears if you persist in these attacks.

I would recommend you see a psychiatrist. I am not saying this as someone who thinks he is better than you, I am saying this as someone who is schizo-affective and whose wife is bipolar. I have experience with mental illness, and can often spot someone who is at least partially psychotic by their words.

When someone becomes obsessed with hatred over labels (in your case "anarchist," "nihilist," etc.) it can be an indication of some very deep seated problems. And when this obsession develops into a pattern of insulting and condemning others, unless someone who cares about them intervenes, it can end in disaster.

I will say a prayer for you, as I am sure Bear has already. God's love is not nihilism, it is a very deep and forgiving love which can overlook our faults when seen through the lens of Christ's sacrifice.