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All mining worthless poker chips...

"It's a network of 22 thousand pc's resulting in 9 billion dollars worth of processing power."

All mining worthless poker chips... That's why I endorse ByteTurd rather than BitCoin. It's backed up by something of value.

BitCoin is a scam with guys like you desperately trying to convince people that poker chips have value. You want people to buy poker chips, because you want to profit off them purchasing nothing. You want something from nothing and there's no end to the scams con-men will try to get people to accept poker chips as money.

"Bitcoin does not replace or threaten Gold as money. Do not use it for savings or investment. Use it to buy and sell good services."

You're darn right BitCon is no threat to real money, nor would I use it to save or invest. I don't invest in pyramid scams, and I don't try and buy goods and services with poker chips. It would be an insult to the person I'm dealing with. There ARE many people willing to invest vast sums of wealth to get you to accept that poker chips can be used as money, yet I want NOTHING to do with them.

Don't even bother with me. I get it. I understand BitCoin just fine.

I'll be around telling people that you're a conman, and they should have nothing to do with you and BitCoin unless they're interested in profiting off a scam.

I'll do everything I can to get BitCoin destroyed as a ponzi scheme, and I would suggest people cash out their BitCrap and donate the proceeds to charity before it's too late. Don't go down being remembered as somebody selling a scam to their friends and family.

Don't let a petty pyramid scam destroy you. It's not worth it. Just put the whole thing behind you. You'll feel much better about it.