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" Even if Ron is Evangelical he does not act like it"

Are your eyes so polarized? Take a look at what you wrote. Ron Paul practices what he preaches. He is a profit of the modern day. To not see the evangelical similarity's in Dr. Paul is kinda crazy. The man has a conviction of truth and righteousness that is what the gospel is 100% about.

Can you see the similarity Tom Woods, Ben Swann, Lew Rockwell, The Judge, Dr. Paul, Rand Paul all have? All of these men have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviors, but yet remain so humble and let their actions be their words. They fight for the heart of the gospel:

against killing gods children
against stealing
never points the finger at one individual
recognizes this is a war against ideas
promotes peace not war
recognizes their faults

"I am an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect."-Dr.Paul

Do not confuse him with evangelicals that you see on the t.v. Read the new testament and you will find a much better contrast of what an evangelical should truly emulate. By Gods grace these men will reside in heaven long after this crazy world returns us to dust.

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202