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That is NOT my experience

All the laws I have ever helped establish began as a Resolution that enabled us to pass through committees, shop for lobbiests and representatives (who many times adopt the resolution and turn it into an inniative, then a petition to get on the ballot, and then we vote.. prop 15 in CA didn't make4 it on the ballot in 94, but in 96 it passed by 56%.. Our Measure G.. our NO GMO.. that's why Mendocino has NO GMO foods grown.. and we have a constitutional sheriff, Tom Allman, and he stands up to the state and the feds.. he will work with the state eradicating marijuana from public lands.. same for the fes in the national park. ir juridictions.. but for county corporated and unincorporated areas.. we are freer here than anywhere in America I know because we understand the power of resolutions and inniatives.. many activists live here, and I notice, we have fun political floats.. like OWS will be in a small parade, but not alot of people.. what the most did during OWS was organize support for protesters.. collecting and providing, land, food, tents, blankets, water, clothing.. everything but bail money and a hospital trust fund for people who were beated or gassed.

So I don't know where you live, but I think you are not correct.. dry counties, anither example.. Storie County Nevada.. prostitution is legal.. another county..