Comment: Don't beat yourself up. I'm

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Don't beat yourself up. I'm

Don't beat yourself up. I'm from India, the typical brilliant student. 90% + throughout school, got into engineering college, 336/340 on GRE. You would think I would be a great electronics and communications guy.

The truth however is that a lot of people have gone through engineering college not because of any real interest but because it is sold as the simple way towards financial security. Getting cushy IT jobs at the end of it no matter what your field of study.

I owe a lot to Dr. Paul. I knew about science but I did not know about free thinking and the value of private enterprise as opposed to govt. Because of him and my dad who always believed I was cut out for more I dodged the 'higher education in US' and 'IT job' traps.

Now, in a very good place in life partly due to the influence of Ron Paul, I can tell you with confidence that math and science are important, but equally important are the lessons of Ron Paul. I hold him in higher regard than Gandhi.