Comment: If it looks like 3 ducks, its a duck

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If it looks like 3 ducks, its a duck

I reviewed you other responses and they haven't been amended with a yes or no answer to the question of whether you support President Obama's proposed immigration "reform" plan. Based on your expressed proclivities and your refusal to answer with a yes or no, I will have to guess that you are in league with the President on this one issue. I'm not going through hoops to perform for you. You have received a lot of personal attention from your post and that should be enough. I somehow doubt that you gave another poster a yes or no answer to that question based on your claim here that you answered my question twice. If I am wrong, I stand corrected.

I get it though. We should all answer your questions and you will grade the responses and determine who in "CIVIL". Regarding your pronouncement, respect should be a two way street when earned.