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India does have the potential

India does have the potential for a great future. That is why I'm here. Infrastructure is a problem. I'm dreading the flight to Delhi tomorrow because I have to spend the day in the giant open sewer known as Noida. That said, power only goes out at my condo once a month now, it was twice a week when I moved in, and they have been doing road work throughout the city.

I can't get into details about my relationship to the university system, but I know it intimately, all the way up to the top. There are excellent schools. The IITs and IIMs are top notch. Several new private schools are very good, even compared to state schools in the West. There are very few schools like those compared to the population.

When I visit mid a lower level colleges, I am not impressed. When I hire, I am not impressed. Multinational do covet kids from good schools, but there are only so many of them. I'm not concerned about the top 1%. They will be fine. When I talk about the education system being terrible I mean for the bulk of the population.

If you are serious about an NGO, think about offering for profit electrical wiring or plumbing courses instead. I've seriously considered bringing people over from the US to set curriculum and teach those classes in one of our schools, but haven't had the time to arrange it yet. It wouldn't be extremely profitable, but it would have almost no competition.

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