Comment: The Problem With Public Schools

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The Problem With Public Schools

The problem is that somebody always thinks they know better than everyone else what makes for a good education. Leave it to the parents, get government out of the business completely.

As for China, their centralized bureaucracy is making better decisions than our centralized bureaucracy. They emphasize STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in education. With these skills, the next generation of Chinese citizens will be more valuable/productive workers than comparable American citizens. Because a US education includes arts, social-sciences, and sports, our workers will earn less money in a competitive employment market.

In short, wages in China will continue to increase, while wages in America will continue to decrease, solely because of the poor decisions made by our centralized educational system. The best solution is to eliminate public education, and relegate all educational decisions/responsibilities to the parents. Parents will always make better decisions than a bureaucrat (even a Chinese bureaucrat). This is the only way we can remain competitive.