Comment: I should probably not have brought it up.

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I should probably not have brought it up.

I am staying out of bitcoin for the same reason I never bought a microwave - my gut just tells me "No." I tried hard to like it, but just can't get over a few hurdles, and quit trying. When I read the article, I was perusing, so now I can't find the article. The point they were making is that the new mining computers will out-power all the current miners. They will make so little bitcoin it will not even cover the cost of running their computers.
One of the "hurdles" I just can't leap is this: Whoever has the fastest computer wins, right? Who has the fastest computers right now? JPM / Wall Street. I don't play bitcoin, I just don't. Good luck to those who do, I wish you the best but I am going to grow some food, thanks. If you hear me say I am going mining, it will be with a pick, shovel, dredge, pan... and I already own those things and know how to use them.

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